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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road Street Reunion

The third 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road Street Reunion' unfolded in the spectacular setting of Everton Park.

Hundreds of people gathered to once again remember the controversial 1960s housing clearances that all but destroyed one of Liverpool's most famous inner city districts.

The Friends of Everton Park used the occasion to give visitors an early taste of the Everton Park Heritage Trail that will be in place in its permanent format in September 2012 with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Using the 'Iron Church' of St. George's as an historic base, author Ken Rogers launched his new book - 'Lost Tribe - The People's Memories - which is the follow-up to the best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road'.

A photographic exhibition revived memories of some of the city's most famous old terraced streets and visitors were entertained by the talented young members of the Liverpool North Academy Chamber choir.

Ken said: "The enthusiasm for these reunions never ceases to amaze me. People have remarkable memories about life in the old terraced streets and I've been delighted to work with the Rev. Kate Wharton, the vicar of St. George's, to provide a platform for old friends and neighbours to get together again, often for the first time in years.

"And it's not all about the past. Many people within Everton are working together on a variety of community projects to give the district renewed focus.

"We recently enjoyed the 'Out of the Blue' music festival, and the Everton Schools Pageant is now an integral part of a wide agenda of summer activities. The Everton Kite Festival is another event generated by the local community and the Everton Park Heritage Trail will be the culmination of some tremendous hard work by the Friends of Everton Park."



Publication date: June 2012.

The follow-up publication to the hugely successful 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book will be published in June 2012 so we are now on countdown to the launch.

Author Ken Rogers said: "I have been working on some fascinating new research about the 1960s and 1970s 'clearances' that all but destroyed the district I grew up in.

"However, this latest book majors on the memories of many of the people who lived in those inner city streets. Over the past 18 months, I have been sent some remarkable personal stories and these have been weaved these into my own further memories and research.

"There is a mounting interest in inner city street life, the humour, the characters and the day to day lives of people who grew up in difficult conditions, but with a remarkable community spirit.

"I have no doubts that the second 'Lost Tribe' book will stir up the inner most memories of thousands of people, just as the first one did. I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed memories.

"Equally, I would like to thank the Liverpool Records Office for facilitating my search for new pictures and images that capture the essence of the old street districts. I believe that the photographs in book one really captured the imagination of readers, and while I've lived with the newly researched pictures for several months as the book has begun to take shape, they still take my breath away every time I look at them.

"I'm really looking forward to the June launch and also to introducing 'The People's Memories' to another big audience at the third annual 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' street reunion at St. George's Church and Everton Park on Saturday 21 July 2012.


Congratulations to all members of the 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road'. Thousands of people have now left personal entries and messages on the site since its launch.This information falls into a variety of categories.

Many simply use the Search button to look up their on their old addresses, leaving tributes to parents, grandparents and former neighbours.

The hugely popular Memory button has enabled people to re-connect from all over the city, indeed all over the world. People continue to exchange fascinating street memories on a daily basis about schools, games, old friends, shops, street traders . . . indeed, every aspect of life in our famous community.

As the author of the original 'Lost Tribe' book, I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in this project since its conception.

We have staged two fantastic summer street reunions, using St. George's Church on the summit Everton's famous hill as our headquarters.

I have been fortunate enough to personally meet up up with many members of the 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' at various talks and book signing sessions.

I also provide a platform for your street memories in my regular Saturday column in the Liverpool Echo.
You can write to me at: Ken Rogers,
Liverpool Echo,
PO Box 48,
Old Hall Street,
L69 3EB.


One project I continue to work on alongside a team of enthusiasts from the Friends of Everton Park is an idea for a linear 'Heritage Trail' across the top of Everton Park. We have identified up to dozen potential 'waymarkers' or points of interest. These include the 'Iron Church' itself; the ancient Everton Fire Beacon; the English Civil War Royalist Encampment of Prince Rupert; Everton's Victoria Cross heroes; the greatest view in Liverpool; the 'Streets in the Skies (memories of the controversial High Rise experiment); a map of the the famous terraced streets themselves (encapsulated in the 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' project; Everton Village with its Lock-Up Tower, Toffee Shop, Prince Rupert's Cottage, the Queens Head Hotel (where Everton Football Club took its name); the ancient Everton Village Cross.

Other waymarkers could highlight the views down the hill, including the world famous Great Homer Street or 'Greaty' as we know it; Scottie Road beyond; and to the south the famous St. Francis Xavier's Church, and the Collegiate School.

The idea would be for a simple walking trail with information panels, highlighting the remarkable history of this narrow strip of land. It would be a huge educational facility for local and visiting schoolchildren. It would be a major attraction for the families who were scattered to the four winds during the the 1960s and 1970s clearances. It could be a key point on the city's wider tourism map, not least because Everton Park itself is subject to a major redevelopment linked with the Biennial Art project.

As a group, we want your support. If you think the Heritage Trail is a good idea, please write to me with your support at:
Ken Rogers,
PO Box 48,
Old Hall Street,
L69 3EB.
Alternatively, you can email your support to kenrogers@trinitymirror.com

If we do not hit our Heritage Trail deadline of 21 July, linking with the third Everton & Scottie Road street reunion, it will be my intention to seek permission to put up a temporary trail on the day to showcase this exciting local history idea which has the full support of the 'Friends of Everton Park'.

We have also approached television's famous 'Time Team' on the Discover History Channel to potentially do an archaeological dig on this historic site. Not many strips of land can boast a link between the English Civil War and the English Premier League!


If you have an real interest in Everton's famous past, you might want to join the newly formed Everton & District History Group which is planning a series of meetings and discussions as the year unfolds.

To get on a mailing list for updated information about the group, send your name and email details to Frank Kennedy: frankjkennedy@btinternet.com

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