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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Everton and Scottie Road Memory Book

This Memory Book was captured as part of the launch activity of the "Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road" publication. Author Ken Rogers would like to thank all Lost Tribe members who attended events from the summer of 2010.

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From: Pauline

Maiden Name:Lawson
Street Name:Northumberland terrace Street Number:53

Memory:Hi Kevan Murray, Hope you are on the mend, I went to lost tribes reunion, went with Peter Brown, it was Good, nice to sit in St George's church, and let the memories come flooding back, and a little drink in the mere bank, be lovely to see you there next year x

From: Murray, Kevan

Street Name:Caros St Street Number:12

Memory:Alo Roy Hankin, did you go to the lost tribe reunion today. I couldn't get there but I bet it was good. It would've been nice to see some old faces,even though I bet nobody would remember me with me only being a kid at that time but it still would've been nice. Especially going for a pint in the mere bank.

From: Neely, Michael

Street Name:19 Mulberry Close

Memory:Thanks Pauline, I'll try to make it.

From: Pauline

Maiden Name:Lawson
Street Name:Northumberland terrace Street Number:53

Memory:Hi Mike Neelythe lost tribes reunion is this Saturday 21st july 11.30 onwards, people meet in the church, then some go the nere bank,

From: Neely, Mike

Street Name:Severn Street Street Number:16

Memory:When is the next reunion? I would like to attend to see who remembers me, and who I remember.

From: Haase, Fred

Street Name:Cadmus Street Number:26

Memory:Hi Don Currie. My bro. Peter passed on your message and what an amazing coincidence that you are also in Oz. By the way my grandfather on dads side came from Danzig in Prussia, now Gdansk in Poland with the surname Haase but German names became hated so he changed to Hayes.l only found out when I left school, Allsop Grammar on Queens Drive,when I was 17. I married a good Aussie girl in 1968 and have 2 boys (43 and 41) both married and have 3 wonderful grandchildren. We are fruit growers (peaches and avocados) near Macksville NSW. Love to hear from you. Fred Haase

From: Mulligan, Martin

Street Name:Rupert Hill Street Number:29

Memory:Hi Joyce, I cant open messenger mail, normal mail is fine. Regards Martin

From: Pauline

Maiden Name:Lawson
Street Name:Northumberland terrace Street Number:53

Memory:Hi Kevan Murray, hope you are on the road to recovery,not been on this site for a while been busy, going to list tribes reunion thus Saturday, will be nice to see old neighbours and friends, take care x

From: Hankin, Roy

Maiden Name:Hankin
Street Name:49 Northumberland Terrace Street Number:49

Memory:Alo Kevan, glad to hear all went well mate ,hope the consultant is happy with you,the next part is to get yourself back on track !!our Georgie was talking about you the other day, he,s got some photee,s of all the tribe from Caros st he,s going to send them to you. anyway Kev best wishes to you mate and get well soon Cheers......

From: McMahon, Mary

Maiden Name:Livingstone
Street Name:Haigh Street Number:17

Memory:For Tony Mullally ,that was really lovely reading your post Tony , I will show it to our john "Dino " as soon as I see him , I will also tell my Mum and Dad , my Mum will be 88 next month , and my Dad will be 90 in January , he's still as sharp as ever remembers thing's as if they where yesterday .