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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Everton and Scottie Road Memory Book

This Memory Book was captured as part of the launch activity of the "Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road" publication. Author Ken Rogers would like to thank all Lost Tribe members who attended events from the summer of 2010.

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From: Ellis, Jean

Maiden Name:McLeod
Street Name:Copeland Street Street Number:58

Memory:Like Don Currie states nothing left of the old Everton. There are just a few buildings around St Georges Church.Everton Village gone,I worked in the village post office for many years in my teens. Its people and houses were Air- Brushed from Everton's history and replaced with walled green fields. Thanks to Ken Rogers that he is getting them to work as a park and having people involved planting wild flowers adding lots of colour and giving character so much so its beginning to now look like a park.So lets leave our memories recorded how we were proud Everton people and loved and enjoyed our childhood living in"Old Everton" Though we had no hot water, bathroom and in lots of houses no electricity.Jean Ellis 13/3/2018

From: bruce, alan

Street Name:Priory Street Number:40

Memory:Alo Don I remember Eastlake street . A classmate from Heyworth Street School in 1955 named Lennie Hall lived there . It was a pity to see Everton turn into grass fields and so many thousand people relocated . It is no surprise many of us went global . I went back to Everton to visit in the 1970s upto 1990s . One could not avoid remembering what stood there before and the friends / relatives and residents one knew . Best regards to all LTE alan Man . Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

From: Currie, Don

Street Name:Eastlake Street Number:9

Memory:I was at Heyworth Street Primary School from 1951 to 1954. Fell in love with Miss Bromilow, my first teacher. All the boys in love with Valerie Allen ("VA") a beautiful blonde girl in our class. Alas, Miss B. must be in her nineties if still alive, and VA 73. Took 11 plus in 1955 and got to Liverpool Collegiate with Roy McEwan also from Heyworth Street. Left Collegiate in 1962 and emigrated to Australia with family. Been back to Everton a few times since.Very sad to see area "gentrified" with no people, no shops, no soul. Who needs green fields when there is nobody to enjoy them, eh ?

From: Bruce, alan

Street Name:Priory Street Number:40

Memory:Alo Steve good to hear from you again . Shaw street park sandstone walls with footholes - correct recollection . The big freshwater pool was in between them . That end of the park in the side street next to the collegiate school was a huge high sandstone mound with a building erected on the top . I believe at the end of 1950s if my memory serves me correctly the park was renamed EDINBURGH PARK . I remember one Saturday morning on black and white BBC TV there was a helicopter with a live camera showing the Park .Coincidentally I have a Sony camcorder recording of a Shaw street Orange Lodge 12 July procession in summer 1986 along with Everton Park and Heyworth Street . Best regards to all LTE Man 13 Mar 2018

From: Dempsey, Steve

Street Name:Newlands St Street Number:3

Memory:Hello Alan Bruce and all. Your post about Shaw street was this the same park where they had foot holes in the sandstone which as a lad my mates and I used to climb up to the top?. Regards Steve. 12/3 / 18

From: bruce, alan

Street Name:PRIORY Street Number:40

Memory:Alo Jean I totally agree with you , Copeland street - I remember some lads more in my age group - Stan Smith lived in a house backing on to the Heyworth Street School alley and Colin Wright and his brother Malcolm ? lived across facing the oller at the bottom of the street opposite the school . many schoolmates lived on and near Everton Terrace before it was demolished for the new tennaments . We would all meet at the Everton Terrace Park and get dizzy on the roundabout before we went to Shaw street Park to get drenched at the pool in summer . It was a different world in those days and we all made do with what we had . Best regards to all Lte alan Man. Mon 12 March 2018

From: Ellis, Jean

Maiden Name:McLeod
Street Name:Copeland Street Street Number:58

Memory:Thank you Alan for mentioning us of mature age. Memories, sign of old age so I'm told,but I always think I am leaving them for the next generations to read, you can not get memories of our personal history, our every day lives and how we lived, off a census form . David it was before Father and son had the Grocery shop.They must have done the rounds of picking up the cardboard you guys had collected,it would be from all round Liverpool and beyond,I should think. Was it for paper making? Recycling the card board no doubt. Mother's day I often wonder how our Mothers coped queuing in the War years for food no fridge freezers those days.Food was bought daily.Hope L.T.E Mum's had A lovely Mother's Day with visits from their families.Jean Ellis 11/3/2018

From: bruce, alan

Street Name:Priory Street Number:40

Memory:Alo Peter and all , many x 3 thanks for your kind birthday greetings and am really grateful for remembering me . We have a lot of years to catch up on for seniors such as Steve , David , Jean and all LTE before us . Hope we keep the great memories coming . Best regards to all LTE alan Manila , Sun 11 March 2018

From: Hayes, Peter

Street Name:Cadmus Street Number:26

Memory:A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALAN BRUCE. It's a far cry from 1955 Heyworth Street School days, We're both 68 now and still kicking a ball. Good health to us all at LTE. Peter in Canada.

From: Peate, David

Street Name:York Terrace Street Number:53&57

Memory:Jean. Harking back to the collection of cardboard boxes during the war, you noted that effort in Heyworth Street. If I recall correctly, Billy(?) Atkins of Northumberland Terrace and Eddie Alker of Bethesda Street teamed up with another boy to gather boxes from the shops in St. Domingo Road and Heyworth Street. They were similarly deposited in the crammed air raid shelter in St. George's school.