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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Everton and Scottie Road Memory Book

This Memory Book was captured as part of the launch activity of the "Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road" publication. Author Ken Rogers would like to thank all Lost Tribe members who attended events from the summer of 2010.

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Recent Memory Book Entries

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From: Bruce, Alan

Street Name:Priory Street Number:40


From: duvall, patricia

Maiden Name:foster
Street Name:st georges hill Street Number:40


From: Unwin, Stephen

Street Name:Eastbourne Street Street Number:60

Memory:The photograph of the two boys playing on the railings at the top of Everton Brow in the 1960s is, I like to think, me and my brother. We spent a long part of our childhood playing there and I remember it vividly still today.

From: Hilton, Billy

Street Name:Priory street Street Number:1

Memory:Hi Alan, my dad remembers you and Ingo, and all the places you mentioned. This is such a great site for bringing memories back to life. X

From: Peate, David

Street Name:York Terrace Street Number:53 & 57

Memory:Whenever I have reason to visit the doctors and have to sit in the plush waiting room, I reflect back to the musical chairs of the surgery of Dr. Burstein and Dr. Richmond in Heyworth Street. Whilst sitting in a waiting room the other day for a flu jab, I thought of an incident involving Dr. Richmond. It would have been in early 1937 when the Wong family had a son. I do not know the ins and outs of the matter but it was said that Dr. Richmond saved the boys life. The family was so grateful that they gave the boy the forename of Richmond. I believe that Richie Wong eventually relocated in Southport. Dr. Richmond was a good, kind and caring doctor and was well liked and respected in the community. He passed on in 1963. Although Dr. Burstein was also a first class doctor, he always seemed a little distant. He was the husband of Dame Rose Heilbron and lived on to 2010 just a month short of his 105th birthday. Incidentally, he was always called Dr. Burnstein. It is only recently that I have found that his surname was actually Burstein.

From: Currie, Don

Street Name:Eastlake Street

Memory:Hi Billy Livesey, I am an Eastlake Street boy from your era. Can you send me copy of the photo from Butlins with my old sparring mates John Hall, Bryan Stephens and Roy Russell ? Happy to send you my email address in Australia. Don

From: Bruce, alan

Street Name:PRIORY Street Number:40

Memory:Hallo Sue good to hear from you . I remember your dad and his brother george ? . They lived above Les Parkers butchers shop and the ORANGE LODGE room up the stairs next to the butchers . Mrs Robertson has the Fisch shop below . I also mentioned the Hughes family and the Bagwell family . He may remember the tilly lamp hardware shop of Mr Trail on corner of Orient street . LULUS Pub across Heyworth street , Mr Mrs Moss newsagent , The veg shop , Charlie Radcliffes grocery , pub opposite , UCLA and Lilly Marsdens . I mentioned your family and all the above on LTE during the last few years ago . My half-brother was Ingo . Your dad knew him . Peter Hayes and I went to the Priory upstairs mission above Mrs E. CARTMELS sweet shop IN 1950S WHEN MR HOWARD was the preacher with his sister and other lady . All were WELL DRESSED for Sunday . Look forward to hearing your further Posts . Best regards to all LTE alan BKK Sun . 15.OCT.2017

From: Hilton, Billy

Street Name:Priory street Street Number:1

Memory:My dad and his family lived in priory street, number 1 his name is Billy Hilton. If any one remembers him or his family let me know. So I can share stories with him. My name is Sue

From: hayes, peter

Street Name:cadmus Street Number:26

Memory:Wonder what ever happened to Graham Waring whom I went to Heyworth St School with in '50s? His family moved to Australia somewhere around 1960. Our family also went to the land of OZ in Dec '66. I left after 4 years. I never did hear of his destination. He was a lively lad from Lloyd street. All the best to the LTE folk. Peter in Canada. Oct 9th '17

From: Watson, Tom

Street Name:Stitt Street Street Number:124

Memory:My grandparents lived in 89 Stitt St when first married in 1911. When my Father was born in 1917 they had moved to 124 Stitt St. they emigrated to Australia in 1921. Just wondering if the people on here who had lived in Stitt Street could describe where there house was relative to cross streets or position along the street. Ive been searching for a while but Im yet to find a photo or much information on the street itself