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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Everton and Scottie Road Memory Book

This Memory Book was captured as part of the launch activity of the "Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road" publication. Author Ken Rogers would like to thank all Lost Tribe members who attended events from the summer of 2010.

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Recent Memory Book Entries

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From: Gray, Steve

Street Name:HIbbert Street Number:22

Memory:To Dave Owens and Alma Fleming. Mrs Short (Annie) was my Nan and lived in 22 Hibbert. I was born there. My Mums name was Rhona sisters Edna and Norma, brother Walter. I lived there for 5 years before going off to Kirkby. My Nan stayed there until approx 1965. Remember Nellys well and Deans shop on the Terrace. Also Wallys barbers. His clocks minute hand could only make it to about ten to the hour then fell back to half past :)Remember the Snodgrass family (20) and Mrs Glass who was the first one in the street to get a TV. All the kids got to go and watch it, great times. My Nin used to live at the top of the street near Nellys. Her name was Cunningham, (Lily?) always known as Ninny Cun:) Was always sitting on her front step which was close to Heyworth St giving her lots of people to chat to. They WERE the days eh. But we all move on . Hope your all doing ok.

From: midgley, anthony

Maiden Name:midgley
Street Name:Hamilton Road

Memory:Hi Roy please get in touch by my email and i will pass message to my dad George

From: bruce, alan

Street Name:Priory Street Number:40

Memory:Alo Linda , nice to read your recollections . I remember Harrogate Street and the wall at the top backing onto the jigger behind Landseer Road . I recall the following lads names from 1950s / 60s : Pippy Peak ( killed in motorcycle accident ?) jimmy willis , kenny ? thompson ( tall blondish bloke older than me ) , greenie and several others . The ollers were on Spurgeon and corner of Rishton street behind Hamilton Road sweetshop ( forget the name ) cnr / Poplar street . We passed thru rishton street scores of time to go to the Royal Picture House and Margy street baths . Sad to see the Campfield at top of Hamilton Road cnr Heyworth Street now BOARDED UP . IN end 1950s WATCHED THE OLD CAMPFIELD next to the oller DEMOLISHED and the new one built . My Great Grandmother lived in Hamilton Road and my grandmother lived in Premier street opposite Pipers Church those days . Keep the memories coming brgds to all LTE alan Manila 1 . Feb 2018

From: williams, Linda

Maiden Name:williams
Street Name:harrogate Street Number:03

Memory:Does anyone remember our family mum and dads name were Billy and Joyce and cousins were called Howie's and the Thompsons.i Went to st Saviors and a few weeks in Lorraine st. as we moved out to Halewood when i was 11 have got lots of good memories of Everton Sandstone the steps for pocket money and Margaret st baths. sally army .getting a crack off aunties for Climbing and giving cheek going chippie on a Friday. trip on the ferry Sunday afternoons Stanley + Rupert park in the summer Hols .Playing on the oller.Bommy night clecktimg fire wood .and the wash house good times .I live in Nottinghamshire now And i miss my home town everyday and come back as often as i can. Linda Williams

From: Elsley, Dawn

Maiden Name:Elsley
Street Name:Monk Strap/Friar St Street Number:9/67

Memory:My grandparents Sid & May O'Brien lived at 67 Friar Street, my mum is May O'Brien, she has an older brother Eddie/Teddy. I lived in Monk St as a child until we moved to Nth Wales in 1969. I can remember hearing the football crowds cheering, I remember the marching bands and the rag & bone man's horse!

From: Sartorius, Peter

Street Name:Abbey Street Street Number:53

Memory:I was born in this house in 1947. I only lived there for 4 years, yet I still have memories of it. My mothers maiden name was Webster. I'd love to hear from anyone who lived in the street. Thank you Peter

From: Goddard, Karen

Street Name:Louisa street Street Number:25

Memory:STan Roberts. Hi Stan, thanks for information on the family. I can also remember visiting my grandad's (Billy) mum(our nana I think?) in Anfield(?). Many happy childhood memories of visiting my nana(Lizzie) and grandad on a Saturday afternoon in Louisa st and going shopping with Jean and other family members down Heyworth St. Any idea when the next lost tribes reunion will be?

From: Hatch, Joan

Maiden Name:Cliff
Street Name:Sampson Street Number:11

Memory:Cathy Horrocks, I remember you from Sampson St . I used to wait for you to come home from work and run to you for a swing. Happy days , I am on Facebook if you would like to have a chat, take care best wishes x

From: Ellis, Jean

Maiden Name:McLeod
Street Name:Copeland Street Street Number:58

Memory:Hi Steve, It was two teachers from Whitefield Road School who accompany the evacuees to Penygroes Caernarfon 1941 after the May Blitz.I remember one name being Miss Crawford who traveled out with the children she was from Whitefield Road School.My brother and sister had attended St Catherine school Edge Hill There where quiet a few children from Whitefield Road School.The Red Cross sent Parcels of toys for the evacuees. I received four spinning tops in a red string bag plus a whip.The English children where taught in the church hall.The Walsh children had their own school opposite the church hall but all used the same play ground.I can remember there were quite a few fights took place.We walked 3and1/2 miles there,and 3and1/2 miles back home.But we were happy,safe and never ill the whole three and half years we lived there.

From: Dempsey, Steve

Street Name:Newlands St Street Number:3

Memory:Talking about gifts, we also received A apple each from Canada at our school after the war which was Whitefield Rd.