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KEN ROGERS best-selling book will take you back home to the famous terraced streets of Everton & Scottie Road and inspire memories of your childhood, your parents and grandparents, and your old neighbours.
The best-selling 'Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road' book encouraged thousands of people to retrace their roots into the heart of one of Liverpool's most famous and historic inner city districts. Now the long awaited follow up is available, the Lost Tribe The People's Memories.
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Everton and Scottie Road Memory Book

This Memory Book was captured as part of the launch activity of the "Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road" publication. Author Ken Rogers would like to thank all Lost Tribe members who attended events from the summer of 2010.

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Recent Memory Book Entries

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From: Jacqueline

Maiden Name:Johnson
Street Name:Soho Street

Memory:I went to SFX then onto Gt Greg's, whilst in St Greg's, instead of having dinner in school we would spend our dinner money...we used to go along Soho St at dinner time and get a "loosie" (ciggie), and a box of cakes from the "staley" (day old cakes). We would take them to TJs and get a cup of tea there, we would eat our cakes and smoke our ciggie without a care in the world.

From: mallon nee jones, vera

Maiden Name:jones
Street Name:priory grove Street Number:79

Memory:i lived here with my husband billy (john) mallon and children jackie and billy. my parents mary and bob jones lived in priory grove as well

From: Hood, Lily

Maiden Name:Roden
Street Name:Willis Sq Street Number:12

Memory:So sorry but I have just read the message from Jennifer (Croker)Malley from Willis Sq. If you give me your daughters email I will of course let you have any photo's. Be nice to know how the rest of your siblings are.

From: Garnett, Barbara

Maiden Name:Garnett
Street Name:Whitefield Terrace

Memory:Hi.I lived at 19 Whitefield Terrace from birth 1962 until we moved in 1969. We lived next to the Carrols at 17.

From: Kelly, Madelaine

Maiden Name:Tisdale
Street Name:Stitt Street Street Number:91

Memory:I'm trying to find a Liverpool Echo article relating to my great grandmother Mary Ellen Kelly who lived at 91 Stitt Street. She is reported to have resisted being rehoused when Stitt Street was due to be demolished and The Echo printed and article and photo about her. HELP PLEASE in finding that photo - about 1964ish!!??

From: Sparrow, Peter

Street Name:Edensor Terrace

Memory:Does anyone know what happened to the Berry's of Edensor Terrace. My Late Mother May was one of 2 Sisters among large family of Brothers(possibly 9 or 10). My Grandfather Was Peter Berry, my mothers sister was Mary (later Hesketh) who passed away last year. I vaguely remember some of her brothers (my uncles) Davy, who I seem to remember was into weight lifting. George, who I think moved to Scotland. Peter, Who emigrated to Rhodesia to join the police. The rest I can't remember. Any info would be appreciated

From: Wortley, Ernie

Street Name:Wentworth Street Number:36

Memory:Donald Currie, Iremember you, you and i where in the same class in HSCP,the teacher at that time was Mr littlewoodthe,you were the dinner monitor but used to cheat and go straight in for you lunch, I was once sent to fetch you back to clas by the teacher, and you said i will come when i finish my lunch, I was with you when we went to the Collegiate to sit the 13 plus review, you passed i did'nt, i can recall al the names you mentioned in your post and more, Stan Richards, David Parsons, I did't learn till i was in mylate twenties the Parsons and my family where related, also Billy Williams, who lived opposite me and lots more, nice to hear from someone who can bring back pleasent memories, keep it up.

From: Lawson, Paulube

Street Name:Northumberland terrace Street Number:53

Memory:Georgina Wiseman how lovely to hear from you, always wandered what happened to you ha ha, Georgina why don't you join Facebook, and go on netherfield rd and surrounding area sute,and another site is heyworth st and surrounding area, there are people on there you will know, hope you are keeping well, are you in touch with Irene king? Would love to hear from her,i was in Aussy 10 years ago visiting my son, but he's come hone now , keep in touch Georgina xx

From: Skean, Eric

Street Name:Vipond

Memory:Happy Birthday to the Liverpool Lads......Geoff, Fred, and Dave, of the Hayes Clan.......not too sure of the 'Borrowed Time' mentioned for Alan B and Peter H tho'. They say life begins at Fourty.......that was almost fifty years ago for 'moi' . Enjoying the memories of school outings to the Museum and Art Gallories, although they were terrifying experience to me in the 1930's......so different to-day. Regards to all at LTE.

From: 0'Brien, Christine

Street Name:Orient Street Street Number:48

Memory:Hi all, I was born in number 48 in 1964. Lived there with my mum Marie and dad Arthur O'Brien and my two older brothers. We moved to Netherley when I was 4/5 so not got many memories but lovely to read all yours... Billy and Lilly Prophet lived next door but one and moved to netherley too... Also remember mrs King tall lady with red hair (that's if my merories serve me right) anyone remember my lovely mum and dad? ...