Street ABC

Discover the old streets

This Street ABC section is very much in development, but with your valued input we can ultimately make it the definitive reference point for current and former residents researching the old terraced streets.

Prior to the clearances from the 1960s onwards, there were 110 Victorian streets within the boundaries of the modern Everton Park alone, but the district spread much further – north, south, east and west. We want you to literally put your street on the map within this ‘search and find’ section. It’s an extremely simple process.
We’ve all got old street images, many taken by treasured parents and grandparents. We want you to look in your collections and send us an image of your street or family with a short accompanying caption (see below). By submitting your image, you are giving us permission to hold and display on this site. Help us build the definitive Everton & Scottie ‘Street ABC’.

Use our search box below to find the streets you used to roam.
For more accurate search, please exclude terms such as ‘Street’, ‘Close’, or ‘Road’. If you lived in a high rise, please enter the name of the block only, i.e. ‘Braddocks’.