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LIVERPOOL'S 1960s DEMOLITION DERBY AND AN INSIDE VIEW FROM THE COUNCIL: George Evans, now Chief Executive of the Eldonians, with some thought-provoking memories from the Council where he worked in those days when the clearances in Everton & Scottie Road were in full swing. Film copyright
WAS THERE ANOTHER SOLUTION TO THE MASS 1960s CLEARANCES IN LIVERPOOL? Tony McGann M.B.E. – now Chairman of the Eldonians – was a community champion in the Scotland Road area who stood up to council ideology to deliver a very different solution. Film copyright with drone footage by Andrew Games, APG Films.
FLYING HIGH OVER EVERTON PARK IN LIVERPOOL: An explosive end to High Rise Hell and a wildflower extravaganza that has brought a powerful regeneration message to Everton Park. Film copyright with drone footage by: Dennis Outten:
THE REMARKABLE COMMUNITY OF EVERTON IN LIVERPOOL: Filmed by Andrew Games of APG Films, community champion John Hutchison from the 'Friends of Everton Park, on the pride, spirit and determination of the Everton residents and 'Lost Tribe' who still see the district as their spiritual home. Film copyright
HOW THE ORANGE & THE GREEN IN LIVERPOOL CAME TOGETHER FOR A LITTLE GIRL LOST: Nancy Flanagan M.B.E. was the little Catholic girl who got lost in the throng at a 12th of July Orange Lodge Parade. With typical Liverpool humour, she tells her remarkable story. Film copyright