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St Domingo Grove

St Domingo Grove
  1. C. Mcfarlane says:
    I found this is a collection of postcards from my extended family who lived in Goodison Road in the early 1900s. This was posted in December 1905.
  2. Ken Rogers says:
    An unusual side view of the St Domingo's Chapel on the corner of St Domingo Grove and Breckfield Rd North. In 1878, the church launched the fledgling St Domingo's football team that, within a year, would become Everton FC. This photograph is intriguing because it features the corner house on the Grove where Rick Parry's family lived. Rick, of course, is the current chairman of the English Football League, the former chief executive of Liverpool FC, the original CEO of the Premier League when it was launched, and a former board member at New York Cosmos. Clearly, a lot of football history has emerged from this otherwise inconspicuous address on the border of Everton and Anfield.
  3. Ken Rogers says:
    Bikers on St Domingo Grove in 1899.
  4. Ken Rogers says:
    St Domingo Grove with an unusual Western Union sign on a corner billboard.
  5. Ken Rogers says:
    St Domingo’s Methodist Connexion church on Breckfield Road North between St Domingo Grove and St Domingo Vale. The fledgling football team of this church, playing in Stanley Park in 1878, changed their name to a certain Everton Football Club in 1879 during a meeting at the former Queen’s Head Hotel on Everton’s Village Street which therefore became the birthplace of big time football on Merseyside.
  6. Ken Rogers says:
    St Domingo Grove with its grand villas.

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